Our Staff

Javid Hakakian

Javid, along with his wife Sima, founded J&S Designer Flooring in 1988. He brings over 30 years of dedication and knowledge of the flooring industry to work every day. His passion for flooring and its ability to make the world a more beautiful place is unparalleled. Above all, Javid believes in the power of knowledge to help make educated decisions.

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John Miesegaes

John has over 35 years of experience in every category of flooring including an extensive background on the operational side. He is an expert in both soft surface (broadloom and area rugs) and hard surface high end products. John enjoys sports and cooking…maybe cooking a little more.

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Sima Hakakian

Sima is a true partner; to her husband and J&S co-founder Javid, to her business, and to her designer clients. She takes a personal interest in each project and stops at nothing short of the best. Sima also possesses a keen eye for colors and patterns, making her a strong ally to her designers. Add to that her sense of urgency and her empathetic nature, and the result is a professional you can trust to always make the best decisions.

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Valerie Dodds

Valerie has color and design running through her veins. She has been an interior designer and a floral designer which makes perfect sense considering her Fine Arts education. She brings her wide knowledge of color, texture and design to every client project. Valerie enjoys reading at the beach and taking art classes with her kids.

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Jonathan Hakakian

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Karen Grant

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Behzad Hakakian


Chirangi Pongurlekar